Pricing Variables for Artwork Valuation

Variables and factors experts consider when determining a fair price for a work of art:
• Importance of the artist in today's market.
• Desirability of subject matter.
• Appearance in museum shows, exhibitions, and art literature.
• Provenance – record of owners and exhibits since work’s creation.
• Authenticity – assuring work is original and not a fake or “school of”.
• Current market comparables of artist’s work in public and private sales.
• Condition – is work original and pristine or is there damage.
• Rarity of the artist’s work.
• Size of a work.
• Intangibles that add up to that “something special” that makes a good work great.
Correctly assessing both the objective data and the intangibles is something that in our trade is called "having a good eye”.  The Caldwell Gallery is proud to be known as a firm with a “good eye”.
Like to know more? View or download our Fair Pricing of Art pdf.